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As a personal trainer for over 25 years, I find that toning the abs and stomach area is a top priority for most of my clients. Everybody wants to have hot, sexy abs......or at least a flatter stomach.

I will help you sort though the good and the bad information that exists out there, so that you are learning only the safest and most effective free ab workout routines.

There Are Many Ab Workout Routines To Choose From

  • Are You A Beginner??
  • Get started here!!

  • Want To Lose Your Love Handles?
  • A lot of people have them, no one wants them. There's a lot more to losing them than doing hundreds of trunk twists and side bends. Learn what it takes here.

  • Lower Abs A Problem??
  • It's a very common complaint. "How do I best work my lower abs??" Four great lower ab workouts for a variety of fitness levels will zero in on that area.

  • Want To Work For A Six Pack??
  • A six pack is the highest level of ab development you can achieve. Not everyone can get there, but here's a way to get that six pack you desire.

  • Curious About Celebrity Workouts??
  • What do the rich and famous do for their workouts? Find out here.

  • What Are The Best Ab Exercises??
  • I'll give you the top 5 ab exercises scientifically proven to be the most effective.

  • Check Out The Sexy Ab Galleries
  • Having hot, sexy abs is a dream that many people aspire to. Seven different galleries of flat stomachs and ripped abs.

  • How About An Exercise Ball Workout??
  • The exercise ball is one of the most effective pieces of equipment you can have. Your abs will really be challenged with the Exercise Ball Workouts.

  • Are You A Fan Of The Biggest Loser?
  • Everybody has an opinion about the Biggest Loser. Let's hear yours!! Read and contribute to the Biggest Loser Message Board.

  • What About Core Training??
  • You've probably heard a lot about working your "core". Your core is your center of power and consists of your ab and back muscles. You'll build a stronger core with the Best Core Exercises.

  • Do You Have A Question About Abs or Training?
  • Ask them here and I'll do my best to get you a prompt and accurate response.

The Ab Workout of the Month
The 10 Minute Abs Workout
It Can Be Done Anytime, Anywhere, and Without Equipment

While it's not easy achieving six pack abs, everyone CAN make their stomach and waistline more attractive. With a free ab workout I can help you achieve the results you desire: a flatter, stronger, more toned mid-section.

Who am I?? My name is Bill Calkins. I'm a certified trainer in Los Angeles and owner of One to One Fitness.

I have a Master's Degree specializing in Exercise Prescription and have successfully worked with hundreds of clients over the years. I've got both the academic and practical experience to help you reach your goals.

So no matter what level you're at, or what your goals are, you can find a free ab workout to help you here. Plus there's tons of free tips, articles, and other useful information for you.

Hot Abs Review
The Hot Abs Review has new ab training tips, advice and workouts every month
Sexy Abs Galleries
The Hottest Sexy Abs Pics on the Net. Inspirational images of sexy abs of both Men and Women.
Best Ab Workout
Get the Best Ab Workout possible by learning what's fact and what's fiction with the best ab workout basics
The Best Ab Workout
Tips and Techniques to get the best ab workout possible. Get maximum results and avoid injuries using the best techniques for a high quality ab workout.
Abdominal Muscle Anatomy
Develop a fuller knowledge of your abdominal muscle anatomy. Learn to focus your mind on the muscles you're working to get the maximum results possible.
Core Muscles
Training your core muscles should be a part of every conditioning program. Your core muscles are located in your abdominal and back areas.
Celebrity Workouts
The hottest Celebrity Workouts. Learn how the Stars train to achieve their sexy bodies.
Beginner Ab Workout
Get started now with a Beginner Ab Workout. Whether you are a true beginner, or just haven't worked out in a while, the Beginner Ab Workout will set you on your way to sexy abs!
Best Ab Exercises
The Top 5 Best Ab Exercises for your abs and obliques. Choosing the right exercises will help you achieve the best abdominal workout possible. Best Ab Exercises Equals The Best Abdominal Workout.
Best Core Exercises
The best core exercises should be a part of every ab training program. Include them in your workouts and get that strong core and flat stomach you desire.
10 Minute Abs Workout
The most effective 10 Minute Abs Workout . Blast your abs and carve a six pack with this 10 minute workout you can do anywhere.
Good Lower Ab Workout For Beginners
Lower Abs a Problem? Work them hard with a Good Lower Ab Workout. Whether you're a beginner or advanced, there is a good lower ab workout for you.
Hanging Ab Straps
Achieve awesome abs to be envied with hanging ab straps. Five effective hanging ab exercises to develop six pack abs.
How To Lose Love Handles
You can learn how to lose love handles It's all about muscle building and fat burning.
Stomach Flattening Exercises
The best stomach flattening exercises to get your abs flat and toned. Easy and effective ab exercises anyone can do.
Lower Stomach Flattening Exercise
Everyone is looking for the best lower stomach flattening exercise. Here are four great choices, from beginner to advanced, of lower stomach flattening exercises to tone up your abs rapidly.
Exercise Ball Exercises
The Exercise Ball is a great way to develop your abs and core. Here are some great Exercise Ball Exercises to work your abs hard.
Side Plank Exercise
The Side Plank Exercise should be a part of your workout. Strengthen your core and protect your back with the side plank.
The Zone Diet
The Zone Diet: What is it and is it good for you? Learn the truth about Barry Sears’ 30/30/40 diet plan.
hCG Diet
Fad Diet Alert! The hCG Diet is the latest diet to avoid. Here is why.
Slim Fast Diet
The Slim Fast Diet review. Their 3-2-1 diet plan is easy to follow and it works.
Abdominal Workout Myths
Many people make abdominal workout mistakes. Here are 3 ab workout myths you should be aware of.
Subway Diet
The Subway Diet is easy to follow and works, but there are many drawbacks. Here’s why you might think twice about using the subway diet.
Sacred Heart Soup Diet
The Sacred Heart Soup Diet is the ultimate fad diet. Learn the many negatives of the diet and why it should be avoided.
Biggest Loser Message Board
Do you love the Biggest Loser? Reveal your feelings on the Biggest Loser message board.
Health Calculators
Health Calculators are great tools for learning about your personal health and fitness condition.
Ask A Question
Are you curious about abs? Answers are revealed here. Ask a question about abs or fitness to an certified personal trainer.
Health Related Articles
Loads of Health Related Articles with a special emphasis on ab topics and nutrition.
Ab Lounger
A review of the Ab Lounger. Save your money and save your back. There are better ways to work your abs.
Ab Infomercials
Ab Infomercials can be misleading at best, and harmful at worst. Five reasons they should be ignored.
The Ab Workout Blog
The Ab Workout Blog keeps you up-to-date with all additions and changes to the web site. Subscribe here.
Fitness News
Learn the latest ab and fitness news to keep your ab training on the cutting edge.
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