Hot Male Abs

Hot male abs are as American as, well,....the American flag. Every guy dreams of having an athletic physique which includes ripped abs with a washboard stomach. A six pack says a lot about a man. It says that he's a man who can commit to reaching a goal, and that he has the discipline to get there. It's an elite club that many aspire to join, but few actually gain entrance.

Male Abs, Hot Abs

Male Abs, Hot Abs Male Abs, Hot Abs Male Abs, Hot Abs

Male Abs, Hot Abs

Male Abs, Hot Abs

Male Abs, Hot Abs Male Abs, Hot Abs

Women love to get their hands on a six pack. A large majority of women are strongly attracted to the six pack look. Get to work today on your own washboard!!

Male Abs, Hot Abs

Male Abs, Hot Abs

Male Abs, Hot Abs

Male Abs, Hot Abs

Male Abs, Hot Abs

Two things are required to get a six pack: 1) Reducing your body fat to an extremely low level ( less than 10% for Men, less than 15% for Women) and, 2) Fully developing your abdominal muscles.

Reaching a body fat level that low is 90% of the equation, and by far the toughest part of getting a six pack. As the saying goes, "Abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym".

In addition to doing ab exercises, whole body strength training is an important part of developing a washboard. In fact, many of the best exercises for the abs aren't "traditional" ab exercises.

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