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While having six pack abs is worthy goal, achieving extremely ripped abs is a major achievement. I'm talking about the super high definition, low body fat, shredded abs you'll see in the images below. Achieving abs to that level takes extreme discipline and hard work. That level of dedication is to be admired and the results reflected in the photos, envied. Enjoy the view!

ripped abs, six pack abs ripped abs, six pack abs
ripped abs, girl abs ripped abs, female six pack

Both men and women can earn shredded abs. It's especially impressive for women because the level of body fat required to get a female six pack is harder to achieve for women than for men. Proper diet and achieving a low body fat level is the key. No amount of ab workouts can overcome poor eating habits

ripped abs, sexy stomach

ripped abs, six pack abs

Six pack abs on the beach is always a good thing to have!

ripped abs, six pack abs ripped abs, six pack abs

ripped abs, flat stomach

ripped abs, women abs

An exercise ball is an excellent piece of equipment for ab and core training. There is a wide variety of great ab exercises you can do using an exercise ball. You should definitely include it as a part of your ab workouts. ripped abs, flat stomach

ripped abs, women abs

Whole body functional training is a great way to get strong, ripped abs. Training movements and not muscles using body weight resistance exercises is a proven way to get a flat stomach and six pack abs. Not only does this type of training build muscle fast and burn body fat, it heavily involves your ab muscles and core.

ripped abs, six pack abs

ripped abs, girl abs

ripped abs, 8 pack abs ripped abs, female six pack

Any debate about the existence of 8 pack abs is ended with the photo above. Not everybody is genetically gifted enough to achieve an 8 pack, but they are impressive when you see them!
hot abs, sexy stomach

hot abs, sexy stomach

Having hot abs certainly doesn't hurt when it comes to attracting the opposite sex....or the same sex! A sexy stomach is alluring to everyone.

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